Dentist Varna “Farmadent”
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Dentist Varna “Farmadent”

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Dental Center “Farmadent”

We are convinced that good health and its routine examination are the basis for harmonious working environment and high business results. Our priority for over 15 year has been ensuring good health to our customers. Our dental practice brings together over 20 dentists in two dental centers, located right in the administrative center of the city. The philosophy of the service we offer is based on the idea that dentistry is quite responsible activity and it is not supposed to happen in basements or apartments adapted and implemented by “individual entrepreneurs”. Farmadent dental centers are certified by Moody International system of quality management in accordance with standard for operating dentists – ISO 9001: 2000.   We believe that the time has come to account for your money. We encourage any constructive criticism and modeling activities from our patients. In the years when the word “team” gained popularity, we already had more than a decade of practice and combined efforts of a wide range of specialists. We incorporate the entire range of services in one place – from diagnostic x-rays to the treatment, prevention and aesthetics. Advances in dental practice is based on the new equipment, new technology and people who know how to apply them.   All this allows us to treat you faster, better and with less unpleasant procedures.

Dental centers:
General Kolev 8 street
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Bulevard Suborni 40
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