Dental X-Ray
Намери доктор

Dental X-Ray


At Dental Center “Farmadent” located at Boulevard “Saborni ’40 our dentists use a new generation X-ray – ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH OP 300 – a unique 3 in 1 platform – panoramic photos + cephalography + 3D image. It is a symbol of reliability and generate excellent images at low exposure doses.


Дентален рентген ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH - Зъболекар Варна Фармадент

Planmeca ProOne

Дентален рентген Planmeca ProOne - Зъболекар Варна - Фармадент


РX-ray Laboratorie:

  1. Extraoral radiographs
  2. Intraoral radiograph

   1.          Intraoral X-rays

  •  Periapical – shows the whole tooth – from the crown to the base.  Using this type of images our dentists can detect if changes in the teeth, cysts, abscesses are being  formed.
  •  Parallel –  these photos give an accurate image with real size.
  • Bitewing (caries diagnosis) – Our specialist use this type of images to seek cavities of the lateral surfaces of the teeth and bone loss.

2.       Extraoral radiographs 

  •  Panoramic X-ray – shows a general view of the jaws, teeth, nasal area, and temporomandibular joints.
  •  Cephalometric (telerentgenografiya) X-ray</strong> – These images  determine the direction of the growth of teeth and shows changes in jaw and maxillofacial ratios. Often these kinds of pictures are used by specialist orthodontist, you can get one photo from dental X-rays  Dental Center “Farmadent” .
  • 3D reconstruction– this study is extremely useful in implantology practice because radiographic transmit information in real size.
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